I have 38 weeks before I hit the big 4-0. To motivate myself to make the most of my last year in my thirties, here is my list of 40 things I intend on doing before I turn forty. Laugh if you must, but you’ve got to have goals, right? Keep checking here for updates to my list!

  1. Lose 20 lbs
  2. Volunteer at local charity
  3. Go back to college
  4. Learn to make gravy
  5. Escape game
  6. Find a dentist
  7. Write 40 blog posts
  8. Pay it forward
  9. Join a club
  10. Try a new recipe a week
  11. Quit smoking
  12. Work out twice a week
  13. Use a pallet to make something
  14. Pay off credit card
  15. Move my voter’s registration
  16. Be more informed on local and state politics
  17. Weekend in Gatlinburg
  18. Write my will
  19. Read a book a month
  20. Watch my kid graduate high school
  21. Shoot >90 during a round of golf
  22. Don’t worry about things I cannot change
  23. See an eye doctor and get new glasses
  24. Forgive my mom and move on
  25. Unplug for a week each quarter
  26. Take a road trip without a destination in mind
  27. Talk to someone new each week
  28. Publish my Passive / Aggressive Thankfulness Project
  29. Start researching my genealogy
  30. Learn to say no
  31. Make an attempt to hang out with friends monthly
  32. Be more spontaneous
  33. Be more romantic
  34. Plan a date night each month
  35. Become more confident
  36. Keep my inbox clean
  37. Buy more vinyl
  38. To be published later
  39. To be published later
  40. Complete this list!