I have officially crossed off number 41 from my bucket list.

41. Watch a professional hockey game.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at work waiting on my computer to populate a website so I could finish a small project I had been working on. I’m not sure if it was bandwidth problems or if my computer was just running super slow that day, but my computer was taking its sweet time to load this website. While I was waiting, I decided to grab my phone and check out my Twitter timeline.

A tweet from Tom Callahan, the Nashville Predator’s Radio Play-by-play announcer, had caught my eye.

“I have four for tonight in the Cellblock – anyone want them?”

My first thought was who in their right mind wouldn’t want free Preds’ tickets. My second thought was to hurry my ass up so that I might snag these tickets. I automatically refreshed my timeline so that I wouldn’t be wasting my time if someone had already claimed the tickets. That’s when I noticed a tweet from another sports fan.

“I’ll take 2 if you’re just trying to get rid of them. #NHL #preds #hockey”

There was two of the four gone. So I immediately replied.

“and I’ll take the other two!”

I never thought I’d have a chance at picking up a couple of free tickets to watch the Preds, but to my surprise, I received email notification of my Twitter handle mentioned in a tweet.

“Okay you two, I’ll split ’em up. Send me the will call names and I’ll drop them there shortly. Thanks!”

That’s pretty cool. Not only do I get to see my first NHL game, I am getting to watch it with free tickets! I was stoked!

I started watching some Nashville Predator’s games at the end of the 2010-2011 season. I had been listening to 104.5 The Zone, a sports talk station, and kept hearing about the Preds, so I watched my first game right before the playoffs began in the comfort of my living room. I was immediately hooked. I really enjoy the fast-paced action that a hockey game brings to the table. So I continued to watch the Preds as they advanced to the Western Conference Quarterfinals. It was at that point that I had made the decision to watch the Preds this season, in person.

The outcome of my first game was not what I had envisioned as the Preds lost to the San José Sharks 3-1. But now I’m addicted. I haven’t made it back to another game as of yet, but I bought tickets to twelve other games this season. Apparently with this Flex Plan I purchased, I am now a partial season ticket holder. Never thought I’d ever hear myself say that.

I’ll keep you updated on the rest of the season. Especially when I take the kiddo to his first every NHL game.

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  1. Awesome! I love going to Preds games. I’ve always said that when I finally move up there, I’ll have season tickets! Glad you loved it! 🙂

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