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Father / Son Bucket List

As most of you know, I have had a pretty lengthy bucket list for a while now. The list has changed recently due to some reevaluation and the creation of a new bucket list, The Father-Son Bucket List. If you’ve not taken a peek at it or it has been a while since you have, I would like to invite you to click on the tab above entitled, Bucket List.

This new list, although not all original ideas, were a result of a couple of brainstorming Windshield Times. These twenty items are all activities that the kiddo and I decided we want to do, together. We wanted to come up with some fun things and I think we nailed it!

I’d like to say that the list is very fluid. We decided that we could add to the list if either one of us had a fun thing that both of us wanted to do, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share. I’ll run the ideas by the kiddo and we’ll make the decision to increase the list or not.

My hopes are that once we mark off an activity, I can blog about it and then later on, print off all of the posts and give to him. So he might understand my thoughts on the experiences we shared together.
Without further ado, I’d like to present you, the Father-Son Bucket list.

1. Run a 5K race together
2. Participate in the Father/Son Bowl
3. Attend a Yankees/Red Sox game
4. Attend a Notre Dame hockey game
5. A skiing trip
6. Fly to Philly and experience the City of Brotherly Love
7. Sky dive
8. Watch every NHL team play in person
9. Attend a USC/ND game in South Bend
10. Play a round of golf at Augusta
11. Roughing it in the wild.
12. Wear the road teams gear. (Attend a road game of one of our favorite teams)
13. Attend a NBA game
14. Attend at least one game of a World Series
15. Watch a hockey game on the glass
16. Attend the Super Bowl
17. Raft the Ocoee
18. Attend an AHL game
19. Rock climb a local route
20. Attend a Notre Dame bowl game.

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  1. If you ever come out to So Cal to see the Kings or Ducks I’ll show you around and go with you. I need to get a bucket list of my own but I’m pretty sure it will take a while to get it started.

    • That sounds like a nice trip I need to plan. My only time in So Cal was my trip to The National Training Center near Barstow. Not a pleasant experience. On your bucket list, feel free to steal ideas from my two. I know I didn’t come up with all of those myself!

  2. Wow. If things don’t work out with the boy, can I be your kid?

  3. SB SB

    This is wonderful, the day I become a dad I’d take care of creating one.

  4. My father made a bucket list with his new girlfriend and it has been really inspiring watching them cross off items together – i highly recommend it as a tool to focus your life in a healthy direction post-divorce

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