Several years ago, I had a vision of using words to convey my thoughts and voice my opinions, so I started a blog. In the beginning, I had aspirations of writing becoming my career after I had served my time in the military. This journey began shortly after my divorce, so the easiest thing I could do was to chronicle my time as a divorced dad. After a couple of years, I found an interest in covering sports, something I felt was right up my alley. So when I started running a website that covered hockey, my personal blogging became inconsistent, to say the least. After a while, I dropped the parenting blog and moved all of my parenting posts to a personal blog, thinking that even if I was inconsistent, I could still have a place to write about things that were personal. Being inconsistent became the norm as I was writing more about hockey, dating, and dealing with life in general. After a while, I had all but given up on using my personal website.

Basically I took a lengthy hiatus from personal blogging. I all but gave up my outlet for my thoughts, ideas, and even rants. Not having a personal outlet for writing/blogging removed my way of coping with the stressors that life throws at us.  Without that outlet to voice my opinions and frustrations, I’ve kept a lot of that shit inside. I even put down my journal that kept those thoughts I’d never throw out on the web for anyone to read. But I miss it. I miss taking the time to take my thoughts and publishing them for the world to see. I miss my time with the journal that kept my innermost thoughts.

In the last few weeks, I stepped down from the hockey website. Although I loved the concept and think that there is a great need for it, my work will not allow me to cover it like I should. I realized that last hockey season when the articles were sparse and the content wasn’t where it should be. If you know me, you know how I’m passionate about what I do and if I can’t be in on something a hundred percent, I step away and let someone else take the reins.

Now that I’ve created some extra time in my schedule, I think it’s time for me to get back to my original vision. It’s time for me to sit down with my journal and my laptop and rekindle that dream. There are many articles with great advice out there that help with starting a blog (or restarting it). I’m not going to produce an editorial calendar to help me with my writing. I’m going to write as I can. But I am going to take some time each week and put my thoughts to paper and keyboard.

I don’t think a lot of my writing will cover parenting, but I can guarantee that there will be some posts about my kid. He’s an incoming senior this year. There will be lot of milestones this year and this will be my way to let the world know how I’m dealing with it and a way to give some advice from what I learn.

So stay tuned for what I think will be an rollercoaster of a year!





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