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I’m Moving On

Almost fourteen years ago, I made a decision that completely changed my life. Two years earlier I made a decision that would have me bouncing around from job to job. Dropping out of college was definitely not the best idea, but as a young newlywed, with a baby on the way, I did what I had to do. When the opportunity arose to begin a career with the National Guard, I couldn’t pass it up. Now I’m just under eight years away from retirement.

I’ve had my share of success and disappointment during my career, but if I had the chance to make the same decision again, without a shadow of a doubt, I’d do it again.

With just a short time from retirement, I have to start thinking about my future. What do I want to do after I hang up the uniform? I have an Associate’s of Science degree, but that probably won’t land me that job to start my second career.

I’ve blogged sporadically over the last few years. Mostly about the goings on in my life since my divorce. A lot of my writing had to do with events surrounding the Kiddo. Over the last year and a half, my focus has changed from writing about being a divorced dad to writing about sports, hockey in particular.

So while I cut my teeth writing about life as a divorced dad, I feel that it’s time to close that chapter in my life and focus on something that could offer a career after I retire.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me by reading blog since 2009. It truly means a lot that you had a desire to read my thoughts on the struggles, sacrifices, and successes I’ve had as a divorced dad.

I’ve started sharing my thoughts on other topics at a new website, I will continue to post there periodically, but my main focus will be covering Vanderbilt Ice Hockey at We have some ideas that I hope come to fruition in the next few months. Be sure to check out the website for anything hockey related.

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  1. Salena Salena

    Good luck in your new endeavors! 🙂

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