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My Latest Venture

If you know me, then you know how much I’ve enjoyed becoming deeply passionate about the game of hockey. Five years ago, I could have probably named you just two players that played in the NHL at one time. I probably would have told you that both were still playing, although one retired in 1999 and the other retired in 2006.

This passion I have for the game has spilled over from just being a fan. I’ve been writing about hockey for for almost two years. I’ll actually start my first season playing hockey in just a few weeks. But I’m extremely excited about a project that I just launched.

Today, Penalty Box Radio launched a sub-site called Southern Hockey Sin Bin. The goal of this website, is to provide comprehensive and creative coverage of southern, collegiate, non-varsity hockey. Our journalists will be students, local to the school they are covering.

Does your favorite college have a hockey team, I would bet they do and you probably didn’t even know it. If you know of a student that would like to cover their school’s hockey team, please let me know.

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