I was thinking the other day that I never posted anything when the look of the blog changed last month. Sometimes I am so preoccupied with life, I can forget some shit.

So, why the new look? I was tired of searching for something new and fresh when it come to WordPress themes. It seemed that everything I liked was being used by someone, so I decided that to give my blog the personality that I felt it needed, I would have to find someone who could take my ideas and use their artistic abilities to produce it. I was never going to be happy with the free themes that I had used. So after a quick search for WordPress theme designers in my area, I found Design IT Services. I contacted Ben and he took my ideas and with his ability, came up with a logo and completely overhauled my blog. If you are in need of some help with logo, graphic, or website design, I highly recommend this gentleman! A true professional in every aspect!

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