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One Year With The Pup

I received a “Happy Anniversary” card in the mail yesterday from the Nashville Humane Association. Has it really been a year since I adopted this adorable puppy?


Apparently it has been. I picked her up a year ago at the Bridgestone Arena prior to the Nashville Predators/Chicago Blackhawks game. I adopted Zoey before the game and picked her up after the game was over. Zoey isn’t much of a hockey name, and since I picked her up at a game, I had to find name more suitable for our situation. Brook it was. How is Brook a hockey name? I decided to name her after one of the first reasons I wanted to watch a hockey game. A donnybrook.

Over the last year, Brook and I have had some special memories. Take a look at the next few pictures and you’ll see what I mean!


It started small. Just 11 GB of Micro SD cards.


The “indestructible” fire hose toy!


Exactly what it looks like!

20130901_154007 (1)

She helped herself with the trash after my sister left a dirty diaper in the can.


That would be the quilt that was made for me, the day I was born.


That would be the corner piece to my sectional. 

Those were some great times! We really bonded while I cleaned up mess after mess after mess. I wanted to share that bond with anyone and everyone, however, no one ever took me up on my offer.


Who wouldn’t want a pup that watches hockey?


But when you come home to a face like this, it’s probably best not to share. 

To the Nashville Humane Society, thanks for reminding me that my pup and I are having an anniversary. I wouldn’t have remembered it otherwise! As for the envelope that accompanied the card, she won’t fit in it.

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