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Smyrna Golf Course 05 AUG 13

I took a little bit of time today after work to do a little Army physical training.  I didn’t go out and run two miles nor did I hit the gym and pump some iron.  Since today was beautiful, I decided that I would take my chances out on the golf course.  As I have said before, my golf game is pretty pathetic!  That, however, will not keep me from playing. Below you will find my scores from Smyrna Golf Course, in Smyrna, Tennessee.  This course is just across the Smyrna Airport from where I work, so it is quick and easy to get to.

Today, I tried something I haven’t tried in a while.  While I only played nine holes, I decided to see how well I could do if I walked the front nine.  I played with a couple of local teenagers, who were in a cart.  They played faster than I normally like to and with me walking, I was barely able to keep up.  As far as my score in relation to theirs?  Yeah, I have some practicing to do!

All in all it was a fun outing.  Check out my score and make fun of me if you wish!

Smyrna Municipal 05 AUG 13


Take care!


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