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Thursday’s Three – Inexpensive Activities with The Kiddo

The first week of summer vacation began this week for the kiddo. After a school year filled with the ups and downs with his grades and his continued success with entertaining his classmates during school and parent/teacher conferences that always followed, he is super excited for the summer break! He knows that during the summer, he alternates weeks between his mom’s place and mine and week one is with me.

Prior to the summer break, I decided to take off three of the five weeks the kiddo will be with me this summer. That means I must have some activities that will keep us busy, without breaking my wallet, especially since I’m saving for my first house. The following three activities will keep us busy all summer long and is quite inexpensive.

1. Kids Bowl Free

Kids bowl free is a great way to give your kid something to do during the summer and it’s free. I will be taking the kiddo to my local bowling alley and letting him bowl two free games each day. Check out for all the information.

2. Disc (Frisbee) Golf

Disc golf is played similarly to ball golf, but is much cheaper. For Christmas a couple of years ago, the kiddo and I received some discs so we could play disc golf. The initial investment was around $70 for my mom. The initial investment supplied us with eight discs and I think I’ve purchased one other disc since. I have played a few courses here in Tennessee and have yet to pay to play. Not saying there aren’t some courses that you might have to pay, but I have yet to find one. Check out to find the nearest disc golf course in your area.

3. Bike Rides

I purchased my bike several years ago and can’t remember the price. I’m sure it was around $100. I purchased the kiddo’s bike last summer off of Craigslist for $15. For right around $115, the kiddo and I can hop on our bikes and hit the greenway that’s close to our house all summer long. We can also ride our bikes to both the bowling alley and a disc golf course and save money on fuel.

With a $200 investment over the last few years, the kiddo and I can have a summer full of fun.

What are some of your favorite inexpensive activities that you enjoy with you kiddos during their summer break?

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  1. Emilee roberts Emilee roberts

    1. Walking DT. Londynn loves walking and seeing the sculptures around DT and the Hunter Art Museum is free the 1st Sunday of every month! (so if u come in early enough that Sunday in July or Aug maybe we can do that)

    2. Hiking! Lots of cool trails around… You guys can pick a new one every other weekend to hike after you pick him up or before u drop him off! It also allows you the time to talk/bond without interruptions like phones/computers/work etc

    3. Pick a new hobby to learn together! Londynn loves art. So we have 1 night of painting! This one the initial cost can be expensive but. You can print a coupon for 40% off at hobby lobby. But 1 starter kit for about $25-35 then each week buy a 2pk canvas for $8 and make art!
    Cheaper you can learn chess, sign language or other languages by teaching urself! Cheap book at McKay’s and LOTs of free apps

    Love you guys! And hope you have a wonderful and exciting summer together!!

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