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Thursday’s Three – Things for Which I’m Truly Thankful!

When I sat down to write the three things for which I am truly thankful, I couldn’t stop at three. So instead of blowing the Thursday’s Three out of the water, I decided to come up with three things in three different categories. Hope you enjoy the read!


1. My son!

2. My friends and family!

3. My career!


1. My readers!

2. Other dad bloggers!

3. The people who have given me an opportunity to guest blog on their site!


1. A Notre Dame season to be proud of!

2. An organization that, despite being in the middle of a lockout, does as much as they can for their fans and the community!

3. The Fantasy Football gods for my 37-17 record in my leagues!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Take care,


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