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Bucket List


Catch a game at Wrigley Field

See every NHL team play:

Ducks     Coyotes     Bruins      Sabres     Flames     Hurricanes     Blackhawks     Avalanche

Blue Jackets     Stars     Red Wings     Oilers     Panthers     Kings     Wild     Canadiens

Predators     Devils     Islanders     Rangers     Senators     Flyers     Penguins     Sharks

Blues      Lightning     Leafs      Canucks     Knights     Capitals      Jets

Watch a Red Sox game at Fenway


Watch the Kiddo graduate from High School 

Watch the Kiddo graduate from College

Attend the Kiddo’s wedding

Smoke a cigar with the Kiddo after his kids are born

Personal Achievement:

Get my Bachelor’s Degree (Preferably before the Kiddo gets his)

Have a writing of mine published

Buy a house and make it exactly what I want

Because I want to:


Volunteer at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving

Grow a beard and leave it for at least a month

Brew my own beer

Be an extra in a film or TV show

Tour the Jack Daniels & George Dickel Distilleries

Have a drink and cigar while overlooking the Nashville skyline

Sit on a Jury


Drive across the US – Coast to Coast

Go on a cruise √

Spend Christmas in an exotic location

Vacation in Ireland

Visit Niagara Falls

Visit the Grand Canyon

Tour the Crown Royal Distillery

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