It has been a while! I have been slacking in my blogging for almost nine months now. No, I didn’t get knocked up! I received a promotion in April and had to relocate to Murfreesboro, TN. I moved to the ‘boro Memorial Day weekend and I have taken some time to get acquainted to the area and to adjust to my new position. During my sabbatical from blogging, I have had some interesting times. I have met some interesting people, to include a beautiful young lady that I have been dating for a few months now.

I have adjusted to my new position fairly well. It is a big change from what I’ve been doing for the last several years, but I can honestly say that I enjoy going to work each day. I still have trouble getting my ass out of bed daily, but it has nothing to do with me not wanting to go to work because I hate my thankless job.

I must say that this area is amazing. I’m close to just about anything that I want to do. There is always something to do in this area. Whether it’s catching a college football game or just finding a place to chill, I’ve never said, “I’m bored.” I’ve found a couple of cool places to hang out in the ‘boro, but I also like to head to Nashville for the live music venues. You can find pretty much any genre of music any given day in and around the Nashville area. A couple of good venues are The Exit In and Mercy Lounge / Cannery Ballroom. I actually plan on seeing Framing Hanley at Exit In on the 29th.

Had I had known the treasure that is middle Tennessee, I would have moved here sooner. By far, this is the best move I’ve made for my career and for me personally. Although I hate being away from my kiddo, I still believe that this move is definitely going to be a permanent move. I have a plan in place to save for a couple of years and then I’ll be looking for a place to buy or finding some land to build.

I plan to get back on a somewhat decent schedule when it comes to blogging and quit slacking off. I’m not going to commit to a set schedule, but I do plan on writing quite a bit more. Just keep your eyes open for the upcoming posts!

Tell me what you think!