I’m not sure how many people actually read my blog. All I have to rely on is the site statistics and the Google Analytics. I must say that it is a small number. But what I believe even more is that an even smaller number actually read my posts. I would say that most of the site visitors are by sheer accident. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t want my blog to be in the running for a Bloggie every year, but I think it would be cool to have a good group of core readers that would provide honest feedback.

That being said, I know that the biggest problem with my site is me. I know that my writing is sporadic at best. I know that if people come to my site, they are expecting new posts. I just haven’t been giving that opportunity to anyone. No one wants to keep returning to a site that’s only updated every few months. Better yet, why do I keep paying to keep a site up and running if I’m not posting regularly. I’ve got to get into a habit of writing. I’ve got to knock the cobwebs off the site, as a friend of mine accurately described it, and just start writing again.

To help me with that, I have browsed through several blogs and have come up with some ideas that will keep me focused on writing and help get me into the habit of writing every day. In the near future, you should be seeing some daily posts that I can use when my creativity is lacking. I hope by Monday you’ll start seeing the following:

Monday’s Motivation: What I hope will keep me motivated throughout the week.

Tuesday’s Tweet: I will post a tweet that I find amusing or interesting.

Wordless Wednesday: I will post a picture that I have taken or one that I have found so that everyone can post a caption or just post their thoughts.

Thursday’s Three: Three of whatever – things I want to do, things that have pissed me off during the week, things I want or need to accomplish, etc.

Friday’s Frustration: Things that have frustrated me throughout the week. I will get it off my chest so that my weekend can be stress free.

Weekend Wrap Up: I’ll be writing just a bit about my weekend and things that are happening in the world and my thoughts on them.

Dad Rants: This one will be password protected. This is where I will post stuff that pisses me off about being a dad who only sees his kiddo when the courts and his mom allow me. I think you can understand why it will be password protected.

I hope these few things will keep me writing so that I can keep my readers up to date on me and what’s going on in my life and maybe get some new readers interested. Just remember that I’m always open to suggestions for ways to make the most of this site. Give me a shout at stan.laws@gmail.com if you have a suggestion or even a criticism. I want to make this a place that folks cannot wait to check it out daily.

4 thoughts on “Change Is Good!”

  1. **ehem** We need a Thursday and Friday post over here! 😉

    (This coming from the person who hasnt updated her blog since February.)

  2. I think frequency doesn’t matter as much as consistency.

    Once a week is enough to keep your readership up – and pay attention to which pages get more hits.

  3. Definitely keep at this! Try contacting one of the other blogs related to divorce and see if you can guest post! It’s a great way to get exposure and bloggers usually welcome the break in the demanding writing schedule!

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