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Class of 2017

Well, it has started!

The Kiddo started his senior year of high school earlier this month. While this year will be a year of lasts, it will also be a year of firsts. I’m excited for this year! We’ve started planning for milestone events. Senior pictures will be taken in the next couple of months. Campus visits will be upon us before we know it. Senior prom will hit in the early spring. College applications will drain my wallet. Graduation will be followed by a senior trip, I’m sure. Shortly after that, he’ll turn 18.

This year will fly by and before I know it, Kiddo will be a man. I’m sure this year will provide plenty of ideas to expound upon. Just stay patient with me. I plan on taking notes and jotting down my thoughts, but it may take a bit before I sit down in front of a computer and relay those thoughts to you.

Until next time!


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