Often times I have wondered from which family member I received certain traits. I know that I can thank my mom for my dark hair and eyes. I can thank my dad for my height and build. But I think the trait that I received from my grandmother, is the one I enjoy the most.

My granny, as she liked to be called, was a clever lady. She didn’t always have a humorous thing to say, but when she did, it was memorable. You wouldn’t hear most of the things she would say on the Fallon or Leno monologue, but they were quite amusing.

I remember an instance that probably saved my ass from my mother’s trusty belt. I guess I was around ten or twelve and acting like all preteen boys do. I probably had a few smart-ass things to say when my mom would ask me something or tell me to do something. But this one time in particular, I don’t remember what it was that I said or did, but I do remember that my mom was threatening to use her faithful sidekick, and “beat the devil out of me.” Granny to the rescue! Her modest wit was enough that my mom forgot why she was going to discipline me. I’ll never forget those words, “Now Martha, you can’t beat the devil out of him, you did that yesterday.” Nothing real significant, but to me it showed me, a small amount of lighthearted words could change a person’s attitude.

We will bury this great woman today, but I hope that I can take some of her traits, like her sharp wit, and use it in my personal and professional life. She is my motivation this week. Hope everyone has a great week!

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