My first installment of Thursday’s Three. This was not what I had in mind when brainstorming ideas for daily posts, (okay I actually stole most of my ideas, but isn’t plagiarism the best form of flattery?) I was hoping to post things like my three new favorite songs, three favorite things I like to do with my kiddo, and my three biggest pet peeves. Those types of posts are coming, however while reading last night, this stood out and I thought it would be a very interesting Thursday’s Three.

I recently picked up a copy of H.W. Crocker, III’s, Robert E. Lee on Leadership, Executive Lessons in Character, Courage, and Vision. I picked up this read for some military leadership hints and was surprised how much of a leader and businessman Lee was outside of the military. I’m still in the first few chapters, but I would highly recommend this book to civilian business leaders. Here are three brief bits of wisdom from an exceptional leader.

Last night’s read was Lee, The Businessman. Here are three things that I took from this chapter that I plan on implementing when I return to work after my vacation.

1. Get the day’s work accomplished in the day allotted. Make a task list and make sure it’s accomplished before you call it a day.

2. Maintain an orderly camp (or office). Lee would evaluate his subordinates by how neat and tidy their camp was kept. He thought that if you were mindful enough to keep an organized camp, on the battlefield you would be the same. You would have a clear mind and methodical in your decision.

3. Make time for rest, recreation, and reflection. Take time away from the office. Lee often rode for thirty minutes in the woods to clear his mind. This rest, recreation, and reflection time is not time wasted. It’s time restored.

Tell me what you think!