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Welcome!  If you’re reading this, you’ve been invited through Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google +.  This site is a spin-off of, my blog on parenting as a divorced dad.  There you can read my earlier writings and perspectives on co-parenting, things I do with the Kiddo, and how I react to happenings in the world from a dad’s perspective.

So why did I decide on a spin-off?  I want to focus on parenting and the kiddo at DDC. will allow me to open up about myself and expand my writing to avenues I want to delve into.  I’ve never been one to open up to a lot of people, but I want be more transparent and candid with this blog, in hopes that everyone who reads this blog will receive a better understanding of who I am.  Below you will find a few of the categories that I hope to explore on this blog.

Life:  Anything that doesn’t fit into the categories below, will fit into this one.  There is nothing is off limits in this category, so don’t be surprised by anything you might find here.

Military:  I often get asked what I do for the military.  This category is where I hope to post some articles so that others can understand what I actually do for the Tennessee Army National Guard.  Of course there will be nothing that breaches operational security.

Rants: Yep! This is pretty self-explanatory!  Anytime I feel the need to get some stuff off my chest, you will find it here.

Sports:  I’m an avid sports fan and often have opinions on the latest happenings in sports.  This is where you will find my views on anything from the sports world.  I will focus more on my favorite teams, but from time to time, I will post my thoughts on the events that are making the news.  Most of the posts here will be concerning baseball, football, and hockey.  Nothing against the other sports, but I’m just not into them.

Golf:  I will not be writing on when I think Tiger will win his next major.  I will also not be writing about any tournament that might be going on at the time.  This category will be about my golf game.  It sucks and I don’t get to play as much as I want, but when I do get to play, you will be able to keep up with my latest rounds in this category.

Turn Back Time:  No there will not be the video of Cher in this category.  Posts that fall into this category will not be dedicated to reliving the past, but will include an insight as to what made me who I am today.  You cannot change the past, but reflection on life events can offer stronger understanding of those past events and provide a clearer comprehension as to why you made the decisions and how they have affected your life as you know it.

I hope that you are intrigued at what this blog will be representing and come back often to learn more about me.  Take care!


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