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Whitewater Rafting Trip

I’m not a coupon clipper and I usually don’t search for deals unless I’m looking for something in particular. I have signed up for a few of those deal-of-the-day websites like Groupon and Livingsocial because of the deals they advertise around Christmas and the other times that you can get a great deal on some really fun adventures through those type of sites.

A few months ago, my friends informed me of a special run by Half Off Depot about a whitewater rafting trip down the Ocoee River near Benton, TN. The normal fifty dollar trip was half price. There was also a code to get the price even less. When I found out that I could raft down the middle Ocoee for $13, I was breaking an ankle to get to a computer to buy the deal.

I’ve always wanted to take the Kiddo rafting, but we just never took the time to go. With this deal, it was the perfect opportunity. Not only would the Kiddo be taking his first plunge down the Ocoee, we would be going with a small group of the hockey family too.

When the time came for the trip, it wasn’t a typical summer day in East Tennessee. The normal 90°+ was nowhere to be found. It had rained and I knew the water was going to be ice cold.


The deal was through Sunburst Adventures and our raft guide, Todd, more affectionately called Re-Todd by his fellow raft guides was pretty much amazing. While this was not my first time I’ve been down the Ocoee, this was by far the best whitewater trip I’ve had and he was the best guide, hands down.

1052818_558438199683_1263202718_oRe-Todd is in the back of the raft using the paddle like a banjo

I think my favorite part of the trip was hitting the very last set of rapids. Re-Todd warned us that everyone would be out of the raft after hitting these rapids. This was also the rapids that the Kiddo rode the bull. This is the term for sitting on the very front edge of the raft as you go through the rapids. He quickly found himself in the water, along with most everyone in the raft. The only two left in the raft was Re-Todd and myself. As someone who is not confident in their swimming ability, I made damn sure that, even though I had on a life vest, I wasn’t going into the water.

riding the bull - Picture of Ducktown, Tennessee
This photo of riding the bull is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Even though the weather was far from perfect and the water was nice and chilly, a great time was had by all. I would definitely pick Sunburst Adventures and Re-Todd again.

You can check out all my photos from the rafting trip here.

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  1. That looks like quite the adventure. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading and the kind words! Take care!

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