Yes I know that the title is Wordless Wednesday, but it’s my blog. I’ll write if I want to!

Thirty days ago, I set out on a mission to raise money and awareness for men’s health while also growing a ‘stache for the great cause, Movember. My goal was to raise a bit of cash and to have a decent looking mustache by the end of November. I’ve never let my facial hair grow for more than a couple of weeks at a time, just because at that point, it would bother me something fierce. But this was for a good cause and it was for something that was close to the heart.

My dad lost a long battle with prostate cancer in June of this year. Even though I never had the greatest relationship with my dad, I still felt a strong desire to take part in Movember. I was hoping that maybe the small amount of money I could raise might just be enough to help fund the research that just might find a cure for some of the diseases that affect us men. I also thought that since all the football teams wear pink in October to promote breast cancer awareness, I could sport a mustache to promote men’s health.

The goal I set for myself was apparently a little steep for the first year. I had hoped to reach $250, but I just made a donation to my account so that I could hit the century mark. I would like to thank a good friend who donated to the cause! It truly meant a lot that you gave! I would also like to thank my boss, who used to wear the ‘stache proudly, for his donation! For all those that didn’t or couldn’t donate, there’s always next year. This is now an annual event for me.

For all my brothers out there, don’t forget to get your yearly men’s check up. I know it’s not a pleasant experience, but it could save your life. For all my sisters out there, help your man out! I guarantee that he won’t have a problem with it! 😉 Take care!

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