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14 Events That Made 2014 Extraordinary

2014 has been a tremendous year for me! Through all the ups and downs, although there were more ups than downs, I must say it was a great year. Below, in no particular order, are fourteen things that made this year so great!

1.  I attended the SECHC Tournament as credentialed media.

2.  I made it through an entire year with Brook. (That in of itself is a huge accomplishment)

3.  I started playing hockey.


4.  I taught the kiddo how to drive.

5.  With the help from Penalty Box Radio, I launched Southern Hockey Sin Bin, a website dedicated to non-varsity, collegiate hockey in the south.

6.  I drafted and captained my first hockey team, Mid Ice Crisis.

7.  I surpassed my fundraising goals for my fourth year of Movember.

8.  I ordered fitness equipment to the tune of $90K for the new fitness center at Volunteer Training Site – Smyrna.

9.  Mid Ice Crisis won the inaugural Ford Ice Center D-League Championship.

MIC Fall 2014

10. Taught the kiddo how to shave.

11. Hockey Saves came to Nashville.

12. For the first time in eight years, I had the kiddo on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

13. I was able to attend the Music City Bowl and watch the Fightin’ Irish pull the upset over LSU.

14. Probably the most significant achievement in 2014, I did not run off Jen. She stayed with me throughout 2014!


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